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  • South Korea South Korea
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The Best Moment in Life [I am Mother] – Infant formula / Follow-on formula

New era of premium infant formula is opened with colostrum science!

World’s best infant formula milk containing raw milk with natural DHA mixed with colostrums to strengthen the immune system, spur growth, and help brain development.

① With the country’s largest amount of colostrum, immunity and growth ingredients are strengthened.

SIgA (a major immune component of colostrums) and IGF, EGF, TGF- β (a major growth component of colostrums) are contained.

② GP-C : Patented growth material from colostrums by Namyang.

GP-C(Growth Protein-Colostrum) is a patented protein from colostrum by Namyang’s advanced baby science, which promotes osteoblast function and cell proliferation to support healthy bone structures and growth. Only Namyang in Korea! Just enjoy the advantage of GP-C for stimulating growth that has been achieved by Namyang’s baby science.

③ We only use natural DHA milk (Einstein Milk) in Korea

We use natural DHA milk( it called Einstein Milk). Einstein is completely different non-fortified natural DHA milk produced directly from milk cows. Einstein is produced only in designated farms with exceptionally good natural surroundings where healthy milk cows screened and cared for with special feed to maintain their top conditions. The stringent quality control system in every process that no others can imitate helps maintain the value only Einstein has.

The Best Moment in Life [I am Mother-pouch type] - Single pouch packaging is easy to carry.